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English as a New Language Program at P.S. 314

What type of English language program do you have at PS 314?

  • We have a Freestanding ENL Program that provides push-in (integrated) instruction and pull-out (standalone) instruction.

    • Push-in instruction is when an ENL teacher goes into the child's classroom to support with work in literacy.

    • Pull-out instruction is when an ENL teacher takes a small group of beginner level ELLs into a separate classroom for intense language instruction. 

Who is the ENL Coordinator at PS 314?

What curriculum is used to teach English to ELLs?

  • Literacy - Into-Reading

  • Phonics - Open Court Reading, Alphachant​​

  • English - National Geographic REACH and Learning A-Z 

  • Intervention - Reading Rescue and Recipe for Reading

What extra supports are available for ELLs?

  • Title III Afterschool 

  • Learning A-Z Home Login

  • Imagine Learning Home Login

  • 2 years of support service after testing out of the program 

How are ELLs tested?

  • Newly admitted ELLs are given the NYSITELL (New York State Identification Test for English Language Learners)

    • This test places the child at an English development level​

  • Each spring ELLs take the NYSESLAT (New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test)

    • Results of this test are used to see whether or not the child is ready to exit out of the ENL program 

    • An annual parent meeting will be held in late spring to discuss progress​

How can I find out more information?

English Language Lear
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